This pandemic Covid-19 will inevitably make your wedding look different. But with a bit of creativity, we find ways to make it both safe and sentimental. If you’re determined to have your big day in this new normal era, an intimate wedding concept in outdoor venue is the most appropriate wedding. You can invite your main family, your partner’s main family, as well as your closest friends. An outdoor venue creates better air circulation, minimizing the risks of virus transmission.

On the wedding day, we make sure that our team have prepared strict health protocols. Before entering the venue, our team and also every guest must go through a temperature check station. Afterwards, all our team member ensure to wear masks, face shields, or other protective gears that can cover the face area. Due to the current situation, we will strictly keep physical distance of at least 1 meter from others.

With our creativity, you will realize that the beauty of wedding is not depending on how many guests attending, how big and extravagant the celebration is, nor the beauty of the venue. The beauty of weddings lies on the people and the relationship you share with your loved ones on your special day, and Flo Wedding Planner is always ready to be a part of your special day and to have your intimate weddings here in Bali, the most beautiful island!

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